Hiring top candidates is not just about finding individuals who are highly qualified for a specific job, but who would also be a great fit for your organization’s culture. Recruiting individuals who are the “best fit” so to speak is much easier than finding candidates who have the standard qualifications you request on paper. Using interviews as a prime opportunity to gauge fit can significantly help you find candidates who will thrive within your workplace culture and contribute positively to your long-term organizational goals.

According to a recent article by The Balance, here are some of the best interview questions to ask candidates in determining whether they would be a good fit for your organization:

Can you tell me about your greatest achievement?

Though at face value this may not seem like a very eye-opening question, the candidate’s answer to this question can be very indicative of what he or she finds important in the workplace. Depending on the answer, you’ll get a sense of what the candidate values in their work and how he or she defines success. This is most helpful in determining if the candidate has both the mindset and potential to excel within your work environment.

Explain a time in which you had to overcome a major obstacle and how you did that.

Chances are you’re seeking a candidate who exhibits resilience and adaptability, even in the most difficult circumstances. The answer to this question can give you a clear sense of the candidate’s problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, and most importantly, how he or she handles challenging situations. The response to this question will reflect upon the candidate’s past performance and help you understand how he or she works with others to overcome obstacles.

Why do you want this job?

While this may seem like a very simple question, the candidate’s answer can make or break their interview performance. This is because interest and passion for the job is a critical component to any candidate’s success in a role. For example, if the candidate’s motivation to apply for the position was based heavily on its salary, he or she may not be very invested in the job itself. However, if the candidate expresses interest in growing within their industry and notes specific aspects of the job, you can assume he or she would be a more valuable contributing member of your organization.

What type of work environment do you prefer?

As noted above, a good fit candidate is one who can not only perform at their greatest potential but also fits in well with your culture. For example, a candidate who prefers working in an informal or casual work environment may not be a good fit if your organization is more structured or stuffy. Gathering this information about a candidate before hiring them can prevent employee turnover and result in a better hiring experience for both the individual and the employer.

Do you believe in continuing to grow and learn as a professional?

Ideally, the candidates you consider should be professionals who are striving to grow and advance in their respective professions. Therefore, it’s not just helpful to evaluate candidates for their past performance, but also for their future goals and ambitions. Learning how a candidate intends to improve upon their current skills will demonstrate whether he or she would be a stagnant employee or someone who will contribute to change and innovation as your organization evolves.

These are just some of the questions that can help you hire high performing employees who will serve as an asset to your organization at large. By including these types of questions in your interview process, you’ll hire better candidates and improve your employee retention in the process.

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